Get your message from the The Kingdom of Animal Spirits

I have close connections to the spiritual dimension of the animal kingdom, and I have been asked to pass on messages to those who want them. The language of animals is ‘emotional energy’, and you therefore have to FEEL their messages. Having felt the energy in a message sent to you, you can then transform this energy into mental energy. Mental energy is the type of energy that we can understand with our minds.

To feel emotional energy from animals you must use your body – not your mind. It helps to take some very deep breaths. And it is important that you create space and quiet around you to be able to receive the message. Using mindfulness and meditation techniques is perfect. When you create the right circumstances, you will be able to download the emotional energy that the animals send.

To get a message from the animal kingdom, you must pose a question and email it to me. I will then record the message I receive for you. Ask one main question or state a challenge you have and maybe some minor questions to clarify the main question.

Note, you will not be getting a logical answer from the animals; you will get the type of emotional energy that is needed to find the answers. There will be power in the energy you download from the animals, and this energy will stimulate your own type of energy that is necessary in the process of finding a solution to the question and your next step forward.