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Energies – in and around us

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Everything is energy. We are made of energy, and energy is both in and around us. This book examines the basic conditions in which energies arise and how they exist in both individual and joint forms. It gives an account of how energies exist in our exterior and our interior life, in our everyday experience and in our communications, as well as in the earth, in animals and in nature.
Energies are elaborated on in detail from a spiritual perspective, and the book concludes with practical exercises for training your energetic awareness, working with energy flows and exploring energy as it relates to communication.
Throughout the book, examples taken from events and situations in the author’s life, ensure that the ideas presented are not mere theoretical constructions but of clear practical relevance.
Reading this book will give you new insights into energy in all its manifestations, and maybe a whole new perspective on your life.

150 in stock (can be backordered)

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