About Hjorth & Nielsen

Hjorth & Nielsen ApS was founded as a partnership between Lone Hjorth and Karsten Nielsen in 2015 for the purpose of providing guidance to others by means of facilitating new knowledge in books, of sparring and coaching and courses.

We have been a couple since 1993 and have 3 children. Our personalities are very different, so our couplehood, our families but also our ways of working have been the cause of many challenges. We have attempted to use these events to gather experience and learning to ensure a well-functioning and conflict-resolving family but also to acquire knowledge for our present work with people. We have written about our family life in the book ’High Sensitivity in the Family’ and are planning courses and retreats with input from each our areas of speciality. We have provided a description of ourselves below, and you can find a detailed account on our websites karsten-nielsen.dk and lonehjorth.dk, respectively, that also provide additional information about our counselling, coaching and courses, etc.


We have chosen not to use a major publishing house and instead be in charge of the entire operation ourselves – from book process to production. We will gladly enter into collaboration agreements with local bookshops, specialised bookshops or other types of distributors. We have already entered into a collaboration with Debbie Christensen and Astrologihuset that has an Internet as well as a physical shop.

About Lone

Lone is a qualified accountant and has worked as a self-employed accountant and advisor since 2001. Earlier on, Lone was employed in several small companies in the capacity of accountant and controller. In 2008, Lone embarked on a new chapter of her life with coaching, horse facilitated learning, book writing and spiritual counselling.

For more information, please visit: lonehjorth.com

About Karsten

Karsten is a qualified engineer.  After having held managerial positions in several major businesses, he has, since December 2015, been working as a self-employed consultant. Through his consultancy and coaching business, Karsten works for an increasingly sustainable world where man, nature and economy go hand in hand.

For more information, please visit: karsten-nielsen.dk